“If I can’t help you at the very least I might be able to point you in the right direction.”


Anne’s consultancy services can be selected from these groups:
  • Seminars and Workshops for Teachers
  • Seminars and Workshops for Students
  • Webinars
However, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact Anne to discuss your requirements. Seminars and Workshops for Teachers
  • Developing a Course for the VCE English/EAL Study Design
  • Catering for Differentiation in the English Classroom
  • Assessment and Reporting in English
  • Discipline and Classroom Management
  • Leading the Faculty – A Workshop for New Coordinators
  • Workshops on Literary Texts, e.g. Shakespeare, Austen, Donne
  • Reading Appraisal: Improving Comprehension Skills
  • Assessment in Year 12
  • Grammar
  • Texts that Work in 7 – 10 English Classrooms
  • Leadership and Management
  • Professional Teaching Codes of Practice – Exploring our Relationships with Parents, Students and Colleagues
  • Cooperative Group Work in the Classroom
  • The Language of Report Writing
Seminars and Workshops for Students
  • Workshops on any area of study in VCE English/EAL
  • The Poetry of William Blake
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets
  • Media Issues
  • Study and Exam Technique
  • Success in the GAT
  • Analysing Argument and Persuasive Language
  • Reading and Responding
  • Effective Oral Presentations
  • Comparing Texts
  • Anne has produced a webinar for Matilda Education on the VCE English/EAL and Literature study designs. More webinars are to come, and teachers are invited to send requests for specific webinars to Anne.