Anne has been thrilled to receive wonderful feedback from her clients over the years — feedback which reinforces her belief that she is doing it right. Here is a small selection: Anne’s manuscript is perhaps the best review of the new VCE Literature course that I have seen thus far.review of Steps to Success VCE Literature, by James Avram, 2016 I attended your session on ‘Reading & Comparing Texts’ last Friday at Deakin, which I found very interesting and useful. — Deborah Morrison, 2015
I attended your lecture on Comparative Texts which was fantastic – like your textbooks, the information was clear and concise. We await with anticipation the arrival of your text in June/July that deals with these new changes to the English curriculum. — Jill O’Connor, 2015 The approaches and resources Anne provided were user friendly and a great way to kick-start our analysis; in fact we made a positive start on the audit after Anne’s departure. — VATE feedback, April, 2012 I just wanted to let you know how useful we found Anne Mitchell’s presentation titled ‘The Australian Curriculum-English.’ She provided an excellent overview of the AC as well as AusVELS and gave us options about how best to undertake a curriculum audit considering the requirements. — VATE feedback, April, 2012 The session was fantastic. Anne was in touch with group needs; helpful and very practical. — VATE feedback, March 2007 Anne facilitated a useful and interesting discussion amongst the participants; well organised; good, concrete information. — VATE feedback, June 2007 Some excellent common sense ideas; very practical; a lively debate. — VATE feedback, December 2006