Mobile Apps

Anne has pioneered the high-tech application of course notes and study guides by producing an app for VCE English – “VCEnglish, Your Mobile Tutor”, an application for senior students that provides information and useful advice in a pocket guide containing all areas of the VCE English/EAL course.  

Why an App?

“I tutor many students personally, in schools and in local libraries, and I have come to realise the advantages of having a ‘virtual’ tutor with you at all times. It means easy access to the knowledge and skills I impart in my tutorials.

“The resources on the app consist of good, solid, common sense material, gleaned from my many years as an English Exam assessor, an English textbook author and a VCE teacher.

“The app is supported by a Facebook page on which I post advice and strategies at various key stages during the school year – exam tips around exam time, for example.

“This is all hands-on, practical advice, offering ‘insider’ tactics and strategies to succeed at VCE English/EAL.” Learn all about it at VCEnglish.com.au

And now?

Anne is currently developing a general purpose mobile Standard Australian English grammar and usage guide.

“As we were developing the VCEnglish app it dawned on us that what we had created could be developed to be useful beyond the classroom, as an aid for writers, journalists, teachers — in fact, anyone who writes in English! I’m even more excited by this one than I was with VCEnglish!”